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In this class, you'll open up your hamstrings with a few different postures and exercises.
In this class, you'll play with different variations of eagle pose. You can expect some inversion and arm balancing options, as well as hip openers in this practice.
This is class is perfect as a warm up or wake up at anytime of the day! I take you through some of my favourite gentle movements to get my body prepped for the day.
In this class, you'll practice various strength-based exercises specific to inversions. So you can expect core and shoulder strengtheners that are great conditioning exercises to build your inversions.
In this class, you'll practice variations of Sundial (Compass) pose. You can expect a lot of challenging transitions and deep postures throughout this practice.
This is class is designed to open up your shoulders and upper back through various backbends and shoulder-opening postures. You'll explore puppy pose throughout class and have an opportunity to deepen this posture.
This is class is a mix of squat-based postures. You can expect of variety of challenging, fiery sequencing and postures that'll test your squat abilities along with your hip mobility.
In this class, you'll practice slowing down for your night with easy, stretch-based postures. This practice is great right before bedtime!
This class is designed to stretch and mobilize your wrists and forearms. This is a great practice to do before a handstand or yoga practice, or any time of day to give your wrists some love!
In this class, you'll move through various spinal mobility exercises to help you mobilize and open up your spine.
This class is part 10/10 of the Introduction To Yoga Program.
This class is part 9/10 of the Introduction To Yoga Program.

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