Join a program to dive deep and advance your practice

Introduction To Yoga

Length: 10 Days

Kickstart your yoga practice! Perfect for those looking to begin their yoga practice and learn the basic fundamentals, including how to safely and correctly practice foundational postures.

Upper Body Strength

Length: 30 Days

This program is designed to help you build strength in your core, arms, and shoulders, specifically to help you prepare and build a strong foundation for inversions, arm balances, and other advanced movements down the line.


Length: 28 Days

Deepen your splits practice in this 4-week program. In this program, you’ll practice flexibility-based postures, drills, and exercises intended specifically for your hips, hamstrings, and quads to help you go deeper in your splits practice.


Length: 28 Days

Learn different types, entries, and shapes of headstand in this 4-week program. This program is suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced, even if you can’t balance your headstand yet!

Flying Pigeon

Length: 28 Days

Learn and practice the correct alignment for flying pigeon, as well as various transitions into and out of flying pigeon. You’ll also practice a lot of hip mobility and flexibility drills to help you with this arm balance.

Introduction To Handstand

Length: Varies

This program is designed for those who are new to their handstand journey, who are learning how to balance handstand, and who feel stuck in their progress. You’ll explore foundational drills, exercises, and shapes with in-depth explanations around alignment and step-by-step methods on how you can progress your handstand practice.

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